Communication Strategist, Trainer and Facilitator, Personal Strategist, Communications Advisor

About Me

I’m a versatile Communications expert with over a decade of experience in dynamic roles. With remarkable inter-personal and relational skills, I’ve served as a trusted advisor to senior executives, fostering valuable partnerships. My knack for crafting strategic and authentic narratives has led to fruitful alliances. I have a keen interest in sustainability; you can view my contribution to the book Management and Leadership for a Sustainable Africa, Volume 2.

Beyond my professional role, I actively educate and mentor professionals on weaving data-driven narratives tailored to diverse audience, personal goals and business objectives. I am largely motivated by value-based and collaborative work that delivers impact. I am always looking for creative ways to improve work outcomes.

I have been fortunate to witness positive outcomes in three successful transformations in energy, education, and retail. These transformations involved driving process enhancements and change initiatives that fuel business growth.

Let’s connect to explore how I can support you towards personal and business growth.

What I Do

Communications Strategy

Effective communication is crucial to success in any professional setting. However, miscommunication can lead to unnecessary complications and frustration. As a communication strategist, I specialise in guiding individuals to develop their communication skills to excel in their careers. Let me help you unlock your potential and boost your confidence by collaborating to achieve your communication goals.

Training & Facilitating

In today's fast-paced business environment, leaders and aspiring leaders need exceptional communication skills to navigate complex challenges and competing demands in the workplace. As a trainer and facilitator, I offer workshops to help professionals enhance stakeholder engagement, sharpen messaging, and improve team communication skills.

Personal Strategy

Our personal strategy services are tailored to individuals who need guidance and clarity to achieve their strategic objectives. Through our Strategic Professional and Relational Knowledge (SPARK) approach, we'll work together to develop a personal strategy for your success based on your specific needs.

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